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JazzaNova and Jazz Singers


JazzaNova 2017-2018: Irene Cheng, Ci Ci Taylor, Erin Foreman, Tyler Nguyen, Matthew Chamberlain

JazzaNova 2016-2017: Michaela Overall, Ci Ci Taylor, Erin Foreman, Matthew Chamberlain

JazzaNova 2015-2016: Savannah Cofield-Bey, Chanel Dahdal, Michaela Overall, Ninoangelo Lastimosa, Torrell Henderson, Matthew Chamberlain

JazzaNova 2014-2015:  Laurena Alm, Erik Zapata, Michaela Overall, Wayne Eisen

     JazzaNova, Contra Costa College School of Applied and Commercial Music's daytime jazz vocal ensemble, was formed in 2008.  The group was selected from the auditioned classical choir, Contra Costa Singers, as an intensive jazz vocal offering for transferring Music Majors. 

     JazzaNova won Outstanding Performance from DownBeat Magazine Student Music Awards, June 2013, was a category award winner at the Reno Jazz Festival 2012, and has been honored as national finalist in the 2010 and 2011 Monterey Jazz Festival Next Generation Competition.  The ensemble performs extensively, including:  Mission San Jose, De Anza College, Westin St. Francis Hotel, Los Medanos College, Reno Jazz Festival, Columbia Jazz Festival, Cuesta Jazz Festival, West County Schools, Cal State East Bay, and local community events.  

Jazz Singers Fall 2014:  George Mann, Kyle Andrada, Joseph Saeteurn, Savannah Cofield-Bey, Thomas Marshall, Ninoangelo Lastimosa, Bernardino Juat, Jr., Jesse Chao

     Jazz vocal students have begun their own jazz and choral careers as Contra Costa College interns molding their rehearsal and conducting skills.  Additionally, student musicians have performed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as soloists and ensemble members, worked as studio musicians, and garnered scholarships upon transfer to Universities across the nation. 


     The jazz vocal department is proud to showcase award winning faculty members:   Dr. Stephanie Austin, Director, JAZZ-ology, JazzaNova, Jazz Singers,   Fred Randolph, Instructor, Jazz and Popular Piano, and Roger Letson, Instructor, Jazz Solo Voice.   

JazzaNova 2013-2014:  John Lee, Jessica Orozco, Erik Zapata, Lucia Perez, Laurena Alm.  2015 DownBeat Magazine Student Music Award Outstanding Performance WINNER. Reno Jazz Festival Category Award WINNER



     For more information on how you can be involved in this program, email Dr. Stephanie Austin:  saustin@contracosta.edu.


Jazz Singers Fall 2013:  Michael Gonzlez, Corey Coleman, Jessica Orozco, Wilmer Reyes, Asiele David, Karenlynne Bradley, Erik  Zapata

JazzaNova 2012-2013:  Selenne Ruiz, Stephanie Rios, Ci Ci Taylor, Karenlynne Bradley-Rodrigues, Erick Almaraz, John Lee

Jazz Singers Fall 2012:  Eben Miller, Marva Dycus, Laurena Alm, Robert Reed, Jesse Chao, Roberto Sanchez

JazzaNova 2011-2012:  2013 DownBeat Magazine Student Music Award Outstanding Performance WINNER.  Reno Jazz Festival Category Award WINNER.   Selenne Ruiz, Daniel Ruiz, Lucia Perez, Daniel Hernandez, Stephanie Rios


Jazz Singers Fall 2011:  Karenlynne Bradley, Robert Reed, Marva Dycus, Lissette Oregel, Stephanie Alvarez, Darren Turner


JazzaNova 2010-2011:  Monterey Jazz Festival Next Generation national FINALIST.  Lucia Perez, Marva Dycus, Chris Xie,   Daniel Hernandez, Daniel Snyder

  Jazz Singers Fall 2010:  Chriselle Vinson,  Lissette Oregel, Judith Rogers, Daniel Ruiz, Gaspar Bernal, Jeff Glaza

JazzaNova 2009-2010:  Monterey Jazz Festival Next Generation national FINALIST.  Sofia Ruiz, Carol Prieto, Carrie Yu, Mihiro Yanai, Daniel Ruiz, Daniel Rojas, Mac Esposito