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An Entrepreneurial Spirit!


The School of Applied and Commercial Music is proud of its commitment to both student needs and self sustainability.  Each semester, both faculty and students volunteer countless hours selling advertisements, producing concerts, and pursuing grants.  These funds support two thirds of the Vocal and Piano programs' operating budget that includes:

  • Music
  • Outfits/Costumes/Robes
  • Sound Equipment
  • Festival Registration
  • Festival Travel Expenses
  • Accompanists
  • Guest Artists
  • Master Classes
  • Instrument Repair
  • Printing
  • Coaching

However, the Contra Costa College vocal and piano programs lack resources to operate. Budget cuts continue to limit college resources, and this outstanding program has 95% self-funded in order to keep the program alive and give students opportunities.  Students fundraise diligently to fund basic operational expenses including:  festival travel, festival registration, music, outfits, and concert expenses.  Faculty apply tirelessly for grants, seek donor sponsorship, volunteer copious amounts of time, and donate large financial sums.  With all of this, students and faculty still pay for many of their own expenses incurred throughout the year such as food, faculty hotel rooms, and student and faculty transportation.


      Why Should I Give?

      Your gift of any amount makes an enormous difference in the lives of our Music Students.  Without your gift, we would be unable to offer the experiences and opportunities necessary for preparation within the competitive music industry.

      But even more...Each day hundreds of students walk through our doors seeking instruction in music.  For many of these students, this will be their one and only experience in the musical arts.  And these experiences are life changing!

      One transformative experience is the professional CD recordings made each year and released every other year. JazzaNova and JAZZ-ology released their third professional CD, May 2015, available on CDBaby and Itunes.  These students had, and current students have, the opportunity to record with two-time Grammy Award winning producer, Bill Hare. This experience is life-changing on every level.  Aspiring student musicians learn about the music industry from a world-renowned master, gain expertise in a professional studio that cannot be taught in the classroom, as well as inspire new CCC music industry majors.  This CD project featured the artistic work of 2013-15's singers: 

      Laurena Alm, Wayne Eisen, Laura Karst, John Matthew Lee, Eben Miller, Lucia Perez, Jessica Orozco,      Michaela Overall, Stephanie Rios, Selenne Ruiz, Joseph Saeteurn, William Sims, Kana Wakita, and Erik Zapata.

      Each year, our students overcome amazing challenges to create outstanding and artistic music.  These students are skilled in classical, jazz, and cultural musical idioms.  Many are proficient at two or more instruments.  They represent the CCC programs and their community with dignity and professionalism.


      How Can I Be Involved?

      Opportunities for donation include:

      1. Online Donor Recognition and Links  (Scroll down for more information)
      2. Vocal and Piano Showcase Advertisements  (Scroll down for more information)
      3. Gifts of Any Kind may be sent to the Contra Costa College Foundation, Music Account, 2600 Mission Bell Drive, San Pablo, CA, 94806.




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