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JAZZ-ology 2017-18: Natasha Singer, NinoAngelo Lastimosa, Jesse Chao, Laura Karst, Joseph Saeteurn 

     JAZZ-ology, created Fall 2011, won 2014, 2015, & 2016, Outstanding Performance, and 2017, WINNER, from DownBeat Magazine Student Music Awards, has been a Category Award Winner at the Reno Jazz Festival, and has been awarded National Finalist by the Monterey Jazz Festival Next Generation Competition.  They released their third CD, Get Out of Town, May 2017, second CD, On a Clear Day, May 2015, and their first CD, Starting Here, Starting Now, May 2013.  Both CD's are available on CD Baby, Amazon.com, and Itunes.  

     JAZZ-ology  performs extensively and focuses on challenging jazz vocal literature both published and commissioned.  The ensemble uses mature musicianship, jazz and vocal skills to polish and produce a commercially viable ensemble product.  Some particular areas of focus are ensemble texture, different jazz stylistic characteristics, commercial jazz vocal sounds, historical jazz vocal groups, vocal percussion, solo development, and expansion of the jazz vocal repertoire. 

     JAZZ-ology  performs for a variety of venues including 8-10 gigs between August and May, including Cuesta Jazz Festival, Piedmont Piano Jazz Series, Reno Jazz Festival, professional gigs, and self-produced concerts.  The group records with Bill Hare each year and produces a CD every other year.  Future plans include travel to other parts of the country, and the recruitment of studio work. 

     Each Fall a 4-8 member group is selected based on the best, auditioned vocal mix.  Rehearsals are MT 4-6:45 at Contra Costa College.   

     Auditions are by invitation only.  If you know someone who for whom this would be a good fit, please tell them to contact Dr. Stephanie Austin in order to discuss their musical experience as well as to schedule an audition.



JAZZ-ology 2016-17:  Laurena Alm, NinoAngelo Lastimosa, Jesse Chao, Laura Karst, Joseph Saeteurn

 JAZZ-ology 2015-16: 2017 DownBeat Magazine Student Music Award WINNER.

Laura Karst, Joseph Saeteurn, Laurena Alm, Lucia Perez, Jesse Chao

JAZZ-ology 2014-15:  2016 DownBeat Magazine Student Music Award Outstanding Performance WINNER.      

Eben Miller, Stephanie Rios, William Sims, Selenne Ruiz, Laura Karst

 JAZZ-ology 2013-14:  2015 DownBeat Magazine Student Music Award Outstanding Performance WINNER.      Monterey Jazz Festival Next Generation national FINALIST.                                                                Stephanie Rios, Eben Miller, Kana Wakita, William Sims, Selenne Ruiz.


JAZZ-ology 2012-2013: 2014 DownBeat Magazine Student Music Award Outstanding Performance WINNER.  Monterey Jazz Festival Next Generation national FINALIST.  Reno Jazz Festival Category Award WINNER.  Daniel Hernandez, Lucia Perez, Jessica Niehuis, Sofia Rojas, Daniel Ruiz


JAZZ-ology 2011-2012:  Gayle Wilhelm, Nancy Zakar, Jessica Niehuis, Lisa Feldman














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